Our People

IOD PARC’s main asset is our people. We employ people with a broad range of expertise and experience from the public, private and NGO Sectors and have long-term business partner relationships with a small number of independent consultants.

Our diversity of backgrounds and insights is our strength, and we blend this in our team approach, supporting each other to provide the best possible service to each assignment and client, drawing in where needed from a wider pool of associate expertise.

Our Team

We have a core of over 30 consultants working across a range of practice areas, supported by our dedicated team of business and professional support officers and managers. We work from three offices; Edinburgh and Sheffield in the UK, and Kathmandu in Nepal, and from other locations in Australia, France, New Zealand, Switzerland and the USA.

All IOD PARC consultants are given the opportunity to gain the recognised Professional Standard of the Chartered Management Consultant Award.


Ben Henry

Enrique Young

Esther Soulard

Fabiola Padilla Diaz

Fortune Gomo

Gabi Volak

Hanh Nguyen

Helen Nelson

Ilaria Ravai

Jhalak Paudel

Joe Watkins

Jordan Williams

Josh Fuchs

Karl-Axel Lindgren

Lisa Howes

Liz Paton

Madeleine Oldow

Nur Abdelkhaliq Zamora

Pragya Pokharel

Roeland Hemsteede

Ruksaad Zannar

Sadie Watson

Singe Day

Vittoria Moresco

Ima Bishop

Naomi Blight

Sarah Bolger

Matthew Crump

Julian Gayfer

Jenny Geppert

Mark Keen

Diksha Mahara

Karolina Mclellan

Erica Packington

Sonia Pérez

Joy McCarron

Vijay Shrestha

Stuart Thomas

Nick York

Business Support Team

Andrea Steigerwald

Bishnu Poudel

Diane Richardson

Giulia Zaccaria

Hally Houldsworth

Hannah de Villiers

Hatty Dinsmore

Inuja Pradhan

Jonny White

Jyotee Ghimire

Sabal Shrestha

Victoria Hardwick

Phalina Bajracharya

Scott Cameron

Si Ferguson

Joanne Roe