IOD PARC supports organisations to increase their impact and improve their results

By framing the right questions, we give organisations insight into how they are performing and what they need to do to improve their results and impact.  We support organisations to strengthen their structures, systems and practices, aligned with shifts in strategic direction and operation needs. Sometimes this support is one-off, such as conducting an evaluation or developing a new system. Where possible we accompany our clients through a cycle of assessment, learning, planning and transition.

Our approach to monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) work consists of high-quality whole system evaluations, organisational development and performance assessments. We conduct reviews across thematic areas and portfolios and develop MEL platforms and partnerships that provide quality assurance and technical advice. We cover the full MEL spectrum, from conceptual system design and frameworks to ground-level data collection and fieldwork.

Our clients include bilateral and multilateral agencies, foundations, International NGOs and alliances, with a focus on international development. We have a proven track record for helping to deliver real and lasting change.

Our Assignments

IOD PARC works globally. We have staff based in the UK, Nepal, Australia and France. We partner with our broad and well-established network of partner agencies, associates and locally-based consultants to provide comprehensive and context-specific service to our clients for their assignments.

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Who We’ve Helped

IOD PARC addresses the unique needs of a broad range of organisations. Specialising in international development, our core work is in supporting organisations to understand their situation, plan their direction and manage their performance. We have an established track-record of providing high-quality services to our clients and have maintained long-standing client relationships. IOD PARC works with bilateral and multilateral agencies, multi-donor trust funds, partnerships, foundations, international NGOs, federal and state government, the private sector, civil society organisations and academic institutions.

"Our consultancy work focuses on organisation development, performance assessment and quality assurance. We have a proven track record for helping organisations and partnerships deliver real and lasting change."

Our Services

IOD Parc - support we offer

Support We Offer

With a wealth of skills and experience, IOD PARC can support organisations and the partnerships in which they engage in a range of ways.


We support organisations and partnerships to assess their performance: through evaluations and reviews or inbuilt systems. We have a strong track record from individual projects to large, complex, multi-stakeholder programmes and regional and global initiatives.

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We support organisations and partnerships to identify changes and implement recommendations: developing a strategy and building the systems and capacity to realise their vision.

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We specialise in strengthening the collection and use of results data, to improve decision making and effectiveness. We help organisations and partnerships improve the flow of data and learning throughout their organisations, partners and stakeholders.

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We also provide direct support to our clients, managing projects and overseeing quality assurance processes.

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Contact us to find out more about our services and how we can support your organisation.

IOD Parc - support we offer