Ben Henry


I joined IOD PARC in 2022 as a Researcher. My thematic interests are centred around conflict and security, with a particular interest in peacebuilding. My work so far has helped me to develop a broader understanding of international aid systems in general. I have a regional interest in Africa, Southeast Asia, and China, with my previous academic research having examined Sino-African relations and the subsequent impact on regional development processes.

My work primarily involves contextual research and extensive data analysis, alongside providing background support to the wider team. I am skilled in conducting independent research and also have experience in qualitative research projects. This work requires me to be both adaptive and proactive in responding to changing needs and demands.

Prior to joining IOD PARC, I worked in a research capacity at Dixon Walter, developing my desk-based research skills alongside providing administrative and logistical support. I hold an undergraduate MA (Hons) degree in Geography and History from the University of Glasgow and an MA in Conflict, Development and Security from the University of Leeds.