Joanne Roe

Principal Business Development Officer & Company Secretary

I am IOD PARC’s Principal Business Development Officer, leading the operations of the Business Development team by drawing on over 20 years of experience managing teams and projects. This includes over 15 years experience in business development preparing proposals for small to large-scale projects in international development. During my time with IOD PARC, I have also undertaken a Project Management role for a number of assignments for government departments, bilateral and multilateral aid organisations, NGOs and UN agencies.

In 2023, I was appointed IOD PARC Company Secretary which I undertake alongside my Business Development responsibilities.

In my role, I am responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Business Development team. This includes planning, preparing and submitting proposals, managing responses to clients’ requests and line management to team members. I also oversee day to day business development activities, such as the identification and development of new business opportunities and management of the bidding process. Before joining IOD PARC in 2011, I had a long career in insurance and was Regional Claims Manager for a leading global insurance brokerage, heading up a desk-based claims service for three commercial claims offices.