Vijay Shrestha

Portfolio Lead & Principal Consultant

I am a rural livelihoods specialist and evaluator at IOD PARC, drawing on 25 years’ experience in directing, managing and administering large scale development programmes in the natural resources sector. My motivation is to create livelihood improvement outcomes which encompasses socio-economic and community development, gender issues and partnership working. My work focuses on the Nepal and the South Asia region working with organisations such as DFAT, DFID, ICIMOD and the WFP to address challenges that include transboundary cooperation in water, energy and agriculture and the implications of climate change.

Important features of my consultancy work include the development of monitoring systems, knowledge management and communication with stakeholders, in often complex, fragile social and institutional environments. In my role, I draw on a depth of understanding of natural resources, forestry and climate change sub-sectors, especially in relation to community-based development and poverty reduction. I have skills in design, implementation management and evaluation of donor-funded programmes and a strong record of operating in complex social and institutional environments, often during periods of conflict. I have been recognised by DFID Nepal for my contribution to forest sector development and improvements to the lives of the poor and socially excluded across Nepal. I have also received an honorary doctorate from the University of Wolverhampton in view of the significant contribution made to the field of rural development in Nepal.