Enrique Young

Senior Consultant

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I have eight years of combined evaluation and research experience, primarily in the areas of conflict and peace building, natural resource governance, and multilateral performance assessment. While working for IOD PARC I have provided a range of monitoring and evaluation services to a wide variety of organisations, including bilateral and multilateral development agencies, and international non-government organisations. Recent and current clients include the OECD, WFP, UNRWA, and Geneva Call.

Where possible, I seek to adopt mixed-methods approaches to my consultancy work by drawing on my extensive experience in qualitative data collection and analysis, as well as advanced training in various statistical modelling techniques. I have a keen interest in increasing the depth and utility of monitoring frameworks by developing categorical indicators to systematically measure complex and multidimensional concepts. I aim to convey evidence, analysis, and recommendations in a transparent, accessible, and context-sensitive manner.

I hold a PhD in Politics from the University of Glasgow. My research, funded by the UK Economic and Social Research Council, focused on political instability in post-civil war environments.