Andrea Steigerwald

Executive Support Officer

I am an evaluator with a background in social science research. I have lived, studied, and worked in The Netherlands, USA, Canada, Spain, Bolivia, and the UK, and I speak intermediate Spanish and Dutch. I am deeply curious about complex, intercultural issues, such as social inclusion, gender equity, decolonization, and climate change. This curiosity compelled me to complete an M.A. in cultural anthropology with a focus on feminist NGOs and indigenous social movements in South America. More recently, I have spent five years working in evaluation roles to assess the impact of social service, research and education programmes, while also honing my skills in culturally responsive and equitable evaluation. My anthropology training lends itself well to being attentive to the nuanced, lived experiences of people on the ground, whilst also zooming out to indicators and impacts at a systems-level. In my consulting work, I am committed to approaching evaluation projects from a diversity, equity, inclusion and justice lens and ensuring evaluation findings are translated into organizational learning and strategy.

Prior to joining IOD-PARC, I worked as an internal evaluator for a municipal government agency serving youth and families and as an external evaluator for a private consulting firm based in the U.S. I have managed evaluation projects related to early learning, K-12, higher education, and STEM in formal and informal learning environments, as well as evaluations of organizations supporting people experiencing homelessness, immigrants and refugees, and youth involved in restorative justice. Additionally, I have worked as an independent consultant in close collaboration with consultant and client teams, most recently collaborating on an impact evaluation of the USDA Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education grant programme. Though I am trained in mixed-method research, I especially enjoy participatory methods, collecting and analysing qualitative data, and learning more about co-production. In sum, I am a data nerd with soft ‘people’ skills who enjoys collaborating with clients and who thrives on diverse, inclusive teams.