Sadie Watson

Portfolio Lead & Principle Consultant

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I am an evaluator with 20 years experience of working with different types of organisations (including multilateral, bilateral, large international NGOs and smaller Civil Society Organisations) in the design of M&E frameworks, monitoring, organisational reviews, quality assessments and evaluations. My work is focused on ensuring that these processes contribute to organisational learning and improving the way organisations work, and my approach is strongly participatory and collaborative.

I have worked in a multi-cultural environment and across different disciplines and policy areas to enable organisations to produce better results. I am ardently committed to, and experienced in, gender equality and social development processes and methods. Over years I have conducted strategic and policy evaluations in the field of partnerships, support to civil society and gender.

I have designed and conducted a number of capacity building processes and training programmes in the field of monitoring and evaluation. I have also provided real-time quality assurance support to WFP, UNICEF and FCDO on evaluation processes. Furthermore, I regularly play an active role providing technical support and quality assurance to Evaluation Teams in both methodology development and the evaluation process.

My academic experience includes a bachelors in Social Anthropology and Sociology and a Masters in Development Studies.