Jenny Geppert

Principal Consultant

I am a sustainable development specialist with 15 years of experience working on international development assistance (foreign aid), infrastructure and extractive and natural resource management projects. My knowledge is focused on the global sustainable development agendas, priorities and related challenges with a sound understanding of safeguards and cross-cutting issues. I have worked in a range of geographical and institutional contexts with IOD PARC including for the International Finance Corporation, MFAT, DFAT and the Multilateral Organisation Performance Assessment Network secretariat with a focus on the Pacific and South Asia regions.

I specialise in project management and leading teams for multi-disciplinary complex studies. This includes working with bilateral aid agencies to deliver development programs and supporting clients with sustainable development planning and performance improvement. I have a strong understanding of organisational and management systems as well as skills in monitoring and evaluation, social impact and risk assessments and performance assessments against multilateral development bank standards for environmental and social sustainability. As a social scientist, I am a proficient researcher at ease with data collection, analysis and communication, database management as well as stakeholder analysis, engagement and consultation. My academic experience includes bachelor studies in French, Spanish and Commerce, certificates in Project Management, Social Impact Assessment and Public Participation as well as a Masters in Applied Anthropology and Participatory Development from The Australian National University.