Julian Gayfer

Managing Director

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I am IOD PARC’s Managing Director as well as a performance management and institutional development specialist with over 30 years’ experience in development practice and aid management. My focus is on supporting organisations to re-examine their role and performance in the shifting aid landscape, instituting changes that improve the effectiveness of their development impact. I have worked across Africa, Asia, Europe and Oceania for a range of bilateral and multilateral agencies, International NGOs and government bodies including DFAT, DFID, the Multilateral Organisation Performance Assessment Network (MOPAN), UNICEF, the African Development Bank and as Project Director of the Joint Evaluation of the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness.

The core of my work is on performance assessment, strategy development, and monitoring and evaluation in complex settings, leading strategic reviews and evaluations on issues including partnership working, network organisations, decentralisation and country programmes. With specialist understanding of the layers of development strategy and the multilateral and bilateral aid systems, I am well-placed to offer consultancy services that strengthen the performance assessment and management functions of development agencies. I have key insight into establishing results-based monitoring and evaluation frameworks and performance cultures that are tailored to the specific needs of organisations. My professional background is in natural resources and the environment with long-term in-country experience on programming and policy advice in the Pacific, West Africa, East and South Asia. Prior to my professional career I studied Forestry and Agriculture before a Master’s in Business Administration.