Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
IOD PARC does not collect any personal information from visitors to this website.

IOD PARC will never sell your information, nor will we share it with third parties for marketing purposes.
IOD PARC will not share your data externally (either to individuals or organisations) without your written consent, unless required to do so by law.
What data do we hold?

Personal data submitted to IOD PARC via email such as name, address, email address, telephone number and CVs will be held in IOD PARC’s electronic systems.
What do we hold the data for, and how do we propose to use it?

Any personal data received will only be used for the purposes outlined below:

• We may contact you periodically in relation to opportunities for work with client organisations

• We may share your CV with potential clients for the purposes of bidding for particular opportunities.

For subcontractors engaged in client work with IOD PARC:

• We may share your data with contracted clients, for the purposes of that contracted client work

• We may share your contact details, if necessary, with service providers for the purpose of organising payment, travel, accommodation and visa arrangements

• We will share relevant data with IOD PARC’s bank in order to settle invoices issued
by you.

How long do we hold the data for?

Your personal information (including CVs if shared with us) will be held by IOD PARC for a period of three years from receipt of your consent to hold your personal data. At the end of three years, IOD PARC will contact you to request your continued consent to hold your personal data.
How can my data be deleted?

You may request IOD PARC to delete your personal information from its records at any time by sending an email to (providing you are not currently engaged in delivery of a client contracted piece of work).

How do I update my personal information?

If you’d like to advise us of a change in your contact details, please contact us using the following email address

How do I submit my CV?

If you are interested in working with us as an associate and you think your area of expertise is suitable for the type of work IOD PARC is engaged in, we would be happy to receive your CV using the following email address

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