Ruksaad Zannar

Project Manager

I joined IOD PARC as a Project Manager in June 2023, as part of the Supporting Performance Evidence and Quality (SPEQ) team. I bring five years of project management experience along with me and have a proven track record in successfully overseeing large and complex projects. With excellent communication skills, I effectively collaborate with diverse teams and stakeholders to ensure project objectives are met. I have a particular interest in refugees & asylum seekers, women’s rights, and peacebuilding. Current clients I’m involved with include UNICEF and UNHCR Evaluation office.

My passion for process improvement allows me to streamline operations and drive efficiency. My project management role entails providing support and administrative organisation to improve the organisation’s quality and efficiency through quality assurance services IOD PARC provides. Prior to joining IOD PARC I worked as Project Manager for a language service provider based in Sheffield from which I gained my project management skills and experience. I hold a BA in Business Studies from Sheffield Hallam University.