Roeland Hemsteede

Senior Consultant

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Having joined IOD PARC in January 2020, I work as a Senior Consultant within the Nepal and South Asia portfolio. My work encompasses a wide range of monitoring, evaluation, learning, and research work focused on resilience building and social protection. I have extensive experience in engaging with high-level stakeholders from bi- and multilateral organisations, non-governmental organisations and politics. Through rigorous (qualitative) data collection and analysis I strive to provide clear and actionable insight into complex policy issues.

Prior to joining IOD PARC, my work and research focused on the intersection poverty, policy, and power. This includes researching how satellite technology can contribute to combatting trafficking in persons in Uganda; how power relations shape the design and implementation of cash transfers in Southern Africa; and grassroots perspectives on Black Economic Empowerment in South Africa. I hold a PhD in Human Geography from the University of Dundee in the UK and a Master (by Research) degree in African Studies from Leiden University, The Netherlands. I also completed the eTRANSFORM course on Building Social Protection Floors in Africa, a UNSSC course on Social Protection for Sustainable Development, and am certified in Prince2® Foundation project management.

Recent publications:
–       Hemsteede, R. (2023). Reshaping state–citizen relationships through donor-designed targeting systems in Lesotho and Malawi. Social Policy & Administration, 1– 15.

–       Hemsteede, Roeland, & Pokharel, Pragya. (2023). How Technology is Currently Used in Relation to Climate Change and Rainforest Protection in Indonesia. Zenodo. (podcast on

–       Ansell, N., Mwathunga, E., Hajdu, F., Robson, E., Hlabana, T., van Blerk, L., & Hemsteede, R. (2022). Ethical Principles, Social Harm and the Economic Relations of Research: Negotiating Ethics Committee Requirements and Community Expectations in Ethnographic Research in Rural Malawi. Qualitative Inquiry, 0(0).