Our Approach

We work at the intersection of performance assessment and organisational development: giving our clients insight into how they are doing, and helping them to improve results and impact.

We have rigorous practical methods and quality practices. With our combination of technical excellence with strong engagement, ours is not a standardised approach. We are uncompromisingly professional, value clarity, and our recommendations are always actionable.

We are experts in what we do. Our team has deep knowledge and expertise of many thematic areas, including gender and inclusion, climate change, WASH, natural resource management, health and migration. This understanding is applied in engaging processes of performance assessment and organisational development support.

Partnership is at the heart of our approach: We like to build long-term relationships with our clients so that we can support them to identify and deal with issues and needs as they emerge.

We practice what we preach: applying the same tools and principles to our own work as we recommend to our clients. We have explicit values, including gender equity and environmental protection, which we apply to our own practices and structures.

We recognise that our clients work in diverse and complex contexts:  and may encounter both longstanding and emerging complex challenges.

We see the benefits of new technologies: we design systems and tools to help our clients to improve results and strengthen participation.

We promote self-sufficiency. Our goal is to support an organisation to the point where it no longer needs help.