Karl-Axel Lindgren


I am a policy analyst specialising in ecological public health – the relationship and resilience of food, health, water, nutrition, and energy within the context of the environment. I have several years of research and policy analysis experience in South Asia, specifically India, focusing on urban food security. My expertise lies in writing, editing, researching, and mixed-methods data analysis. I have over ten years of academic experience, holding a Ph.D. in Food Policy, from City, University of London, followed by a post-doctoral research position investigating narratives of food security and resilience among international development agencies. I also have an MSc in Food Policy, and a BA in Sociology from the University of York.

Before IOD Parc, I served as a consultant for Think Research and Advisory, writing analytical articles on food security for the Middle East and North Africa region. Currently based in Sweden, I maintain an interest in applying systems thinking to transform complex data into accessible, meaningful content.