Scott Cameron

Creative Lead, Information and Design

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I am an expert in data visualisation design, data management and Geographic Information Systems (GIS), with experience working in public and private sector organisations. I am interested in how data and information can be best communicated to improve the impact of our work, including the strategies and workflows deployed to ensure continuity and value for money in our approach.

Since joining IOD PARC in 2016, I have been involved on numerous projects in Africa, South Asia and South America, working with a broad range of clients including DFID, DFAT, Scottish Government, World Bank, EBRD, AfDB, UNICEF, UNHCR, WHO, OECD, European Commission, British Council, Danish Refugee Council and Save the Children.

At IOD PARC, I work to unlock the potential of data through specialist knowledge in a wide variety of complimentary data processing and design software packages. Specifically this could include working with Geographical Information Systems, data visualisation, creating infographics, database design, data management, network analysis and tool development. My skills and experience in this area allow me the flexibility to work with the most appropriate tools for the job and transform complicated project information into easily accessible, unambiguous and actionable information products. I combine a natural creativity with a solid fundamental understanding of data systems to produce data management strategies that respond to client’s unique requirements, in a way which can be sustained by those using it and makes best use of limited resources.