Nick York

Portfolio Lead & Principal Consultant

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I have been a director at IOD PARC since 2017, joining as an evaluation specialist who has led the development of evaluation systems in large agencies and facilitated global partnerships to build capacity for evaluation. My focus is on strengthening organisational results and performance with the belief that evaluation can support positive organisational change through better evidence and decision making. My other interests include gender mainstreaming and evaluation of fragile and conflict situations. Since joining IOD PARC, I have worked with clients including WFP, WHO and the Health Results and Innovation Trust Fund involving the World Bank. I also developed an approach to learning in MOPAN through case studies with the OECD and advised the British Council on monitoring and evaluation of their flagship program on strengthening resilience in MENA countries.

My work focuses on improving the global practice of evaluation in development through the development of new evaluation systems and advising and quality assurance on existing monitoring and evaluation systems. As part of this I am particularly interested in using evaluation to promote organisational learning. My skills are in building teams, policy standards, professional skills and organisational culture to underpin high quality results and monitoring, performance, evaluation and learning functions. My previous roles include Director of Evaluation at the World Bank’s Independent Evaluation Group and Chief Professional Officer for Evaluation at DFID. Additionally, having worked as a senior health economist in the UK government, I bring expertise in health systems, financing and quality. As chair of the DAC evaluation network, I helped to initiate global initiatives on evaluation such as 3ie and the CLEAR centres. My academic background is in economics with a first-class MA from Cambridge.