Singe Day

Principal Consultant

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I am a Principal Consultant at IOD PARC, with more than 22 years’ experience in environmental science, social science and engineering of water development and management. My focus is on helping clients to improve their policies and practices regarding the sustainable management of water, sanitation, food security and natural resources. 

I have worked with a range of organisations such as governments, NGOs, private companies, UN agencies, and bilateral and multilateral donors across sub-Saharan Africa and Central, East and South Asia. I have worked on some of the largest water engineering projects in the UK and on establishing emergency WASH services in humanitarian crises. I have also been a full-time advisor working with governments in some of the world’s poorest countries to improve their policy and practice.

I am a Chartered Water Engineer and Water and Environmental Manager. I completed a Master’s in Water Management and a PhD in Water Resources Management at Cranfield University and hold a degree in Civil Engineering. Prior to my international development career, I served in the Parachute Regiment.