Hatty Dinsmore

Finance Manager

My core skills centre around financial and project management in the international development and charity sectors. I am a qualified accountant and consultant. I am able to bring my knowledge and experience of fieldwork with INGOs, financial and international business management, and management consultancy in international development to my role as Finance Manager. My current position allows me to apply this wealth of experience and professional knowledge to the business management of IOD PARC.

I provide financial leadership and business management for IOD PARC’s broad portfolio of projects. I lead the finance team based in the UK and Nepal, providing financial oversight across the company. I report directly to our Business Integration Lead to ensure that project contract management and financial management are in sync with the needs of the portfolio teams and that tracking and reporting are functioning successfully.

My career includes working in INGOs in Africa, financial management, and consultancy on a range of high-level evaluations of national, international, and multilateral institutions. I have conducted financial and data analysis, monitoring and evaluation, systems development, information technology and various research projects.