Initial Evaluation of the Framework of Engagement with Non-State Actors

The Framework of Engagement with Non-State Actors (FENSA) was adopted by the Sixty-ninth World Health Assembly on 28 May 2016, aiming to promote and enhance strong engagement with non-State actors while managing risk through strengthened protection of WHO from potential conflicts of interest and undue influence. When the FENSA was adopted, Member States agreed that an initial evaluation of its implementation would be conducted following the two-year timeframe set for full operationalization. This evaluation was commissioned in July 2019 as one of the corporate evaluations included in the 2018–2019 biennial evaluation work-plan.

The objective of this initial evaluation was to assess the status of implementation of the FENSA and its impact on the work of the World Health Organization. The evaluation documents key achievements, best practices, challenges, gaps, and areas for improvement in the implementation of the FENSA since its adoption in May 2016; and makes recommendations on the way forward to enable the full, coherent, and consistent implementation of the FENSA.