Review of Ireland’s Strategy for Partnership with Small Island Developing States 2019-2025

Ireland’s strategy for partnership with Small Island Developing States (SIDS) 2019-2025 was launched in June 2019. It represented an innovation for the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) given its cross-governmental nature and has since guided Ireland’s engagement with SIDS. The strategy includes 36 commitments across four strategic objectives focusing on Ireland’s influence, place in Europe, values, and people. With the strategy currently in its fourth year, it was decided to review the progress made towards the achievement of objectives and commitments.

The purpose of the review was to capture the progress and challenges in the implementation of the SIDS strategy and to identify any learning that could inform future strategy, policy, advocacy, and diplomacy initiatives. The review took place from July to October 2022 and was managed by DFA’s independent Evaluation and Audit Unit (EAU), working closely with two IOD PARC consultants. As this exercise was intended as a review, recommendations were not developed but the lessons learned including ‘points to consider’ were noted for the development of the next SIDS strategy.