Strategy Development

UNICEF Institutional development and system strengthening to reduce open defecation in India




Dehli and 14 states across India


2015 - 2017

development and system strengthening within the context of India’s Swachh Bharat ‘Clean India’ Mission (SBM).

IOD PARC’s support was primarily targeted at helping UNICEF India’s state teams develop a strategic approach to supporting state governments. Responsibility for sanitation and achieving Open Defecation Free (ODF) status has now moved to districts and a key focus of the IOD PARC work was to support the UNICEF state teams development of a district wide approach which can form the basis for sustainable change at scale. Work also included research at the national level, writing and developing training and communication guidelines for the Government of India on the principles and processes of ODF approaches and the development of a real-time online strategy development and monitoring tool.

The assignment was split into 3 components: inception and design of the support programme; delivery of support; and knowledge and learning. Component 1 included the development of a series of support options and tools and the support required by each UNICEF state team Component 2 included the development of an online planning tool and the provision of support to each state and to the HQ group. Component 3 included two pieces of formal research the first on ‘Financing SBM’; the second on ‘Key Factors leading to sustainable ODF in Rural India’. It also involved the writing of 5 training guides and a series of 5 Field notes’ to support future learning.