Assessment and Evaluation

Targeted Country Assistance (TCA) Country Assessments


GAVI Alliance


Myanmar Nigeria Democratic Republic of Congo Papua New Guinea Zambia Ethiopia


2018 - 2019

IOD PARC completed a series of 6 country assessments and a global synthesis report of the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisations (GAVI)’s Targeted Country Assistant (TCA), which is the most distinctive feature of their Partnership Engagement Framework (PEF). This included assessments in Myanmar, Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo, Papua New Guinea, Zambia and Ethiopia.

The assessments considered both fragile and weak health systems to which Gavi provides support, as well as middle-income countries who may be transitioning out of Gavi support. The assessments sought to better understand the quality of the technical assistance being delivered, the partnership modalities and how it is being delivered and provide recommendations as to how the delivery of TCA could be improved.

Our consultancy team carried out six country case studies of the TCA including two pilot visits to Zambia and Myanmar followed by a further four country visits to, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea and Ethiopia. Individual country assessment reports were produced with individual recommendations for PEF TCA in each country. IOD PARC then produced a meta review which identified trends, themes and differences of TCA across the different contexts in which Gavi provides support as well as providing global recommendations for PEF TCA going forward.