Assessment and Evaluation

Strategic Evaluation of Delivery of Australian Aid Objectives Through Multilateral Organisations


Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade


Canberra, Australia


2018 - 2019

The Government of Australia Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) contracted IOD PARC in 2018 to provide a strategic evaluation of the delivery of Australian Aid objectives through multilateral organisations.

The purpose of the evaluation was to consider factors that have affected recent delivery of Australian aid objectives through multilateral organisations, and to identify lessons for how Australia can deliver its aid objectives through multilateral organisations in the future.

The IOD PARC team, working in partnership with DFAT staff, developed and applied an analysis framework on effective influencing. Inquiry was focused on a sub-set of multilateral agencies and included extensive interviewing in Geneva, New York, Washington, Rome, Bangkok, Manilla, Suva and Canberra and Recommendations were developed through a workshop leading to the preparation of a final evaluation report and summary. The evaluation looked at the alignment of multilateral development organisation activities with the Foreign Policy White Paper priorities, how Australia has influenced outcomes delivered by multilateral development organisations and how Australia could better leverage its future multilateral assistance to help deliver against White Paper priorities.