Assessment and Evaluation

Strategic evaluation of Australia’s overseas climate change assistance


Australian Government - Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade




2017 - 2018

On behalf of the Department for Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), IOD PARC undertook the strategic evaluation to identify specific operational lessons about successfully incorporating climate change into investment design and implementation.

The evaluation assessed the performance of past and recent climate change investments with a focus on effectiveness, sustainability and value for money. It considered the relationship (intended and unintended) between climate change action through these investments and Australia’s security, trade, economic and diplomatic interests

The evaluation team examined a selection of bilateral and regional investments in Asia and the Pacific, including both targeted climate change investments and investments where climate change has been mainstreamed.

The findings and recommendations of the evaluation were used by the Sustainability and Climate Change Branch (CCB) to communicate with program areas about how to consider and incorporate climate change in their initiatives.

The final report can be found here: Link to report