Assessment and Evaluation

Review of Save the Children Partnership with Civil Society Organizations and Government Agencies


Save the Children Norway


Managua Nicaragua Mozambique UK


2016 - 2017

In 2016, Save the Children Norway (SCN) contracted IOD PARC to review their strategic partnerships with civil society organizations and different government agencies in the UK, Mozambique and Nicaragua.

The purpose of the review was to map the various partners with which SCN had engaged in partnership, find out the perceptions and impressions of these partners towards SCN and provide evidence of the impact of these partnerships in terms of fulfilling and advocating for children rights. Specifically this included, how SCN strengthened the capacity of its partners (financially, their sustainability, monitoring and evaluation and governance), the ways in which SCN’s support has strengthened civil society in the countries it works in as well as an analysis of how children benefited from the partnerships, generating evidence of results and extracting learning.

IOD PARC produced a number of recommendations for future partnership work including the suggestion of potential models of partnership that drew on the review’s insights. The IOD PARC team also worked to improve tools and processes for partner capacity assessment and for analysis of the contexts SCN works in to further their advocacy work and identify relevant partners. Furthermore, IOD PARC made recommendations to improve the way cross-cutting issues are addressed in SCN’s partnerships and to leverage its membership of Save the Children international to influence partnership approaches across the organisation. IOD PARC summarised the findings in a final report: Save the Children Norway Partnership Review.