Organisational Systems

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) Unit – DFID Nepal Resilience Portfolio






2017 - 2023

DFID Nepal contracted an IOD PARC led consortium to run the Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) Unit that operates across their “Climate Smart Development for Nepal‟ (CSD) and “Strengthening Disaster Resilience in Nepal‟ (SDR) portfolios until 2023.

The portfolios are part of DFIDs efforts to build resilience to natural disasters and climate change in Nepal, supporting the work of the Government of Nepal and Nepalese civil society.

The MEL Unit will synthesise monitoring data and conduct analysis to help DFID Nepal flexibly manage the programmes, ensuring strong value for money. The MEL will also generate evidence through evaluations on DFID Nepal’s strengthening disaster resilience and climate smart development programmes, sharing findings and facilitating learning with a range of audiences.

IOD PARC lead the MEL Unit which has the role of providing evidence for management and promoting learning across implementing partners and a diverse range of stakeholders. Through a portfolio monitoring mechanism, evaluation, research and analysis and learning systems, IOD PARC facilitate adaptive management and effective programme responses to emerging opportunities in the resilience work in Nepal.

MEL Unit will also carry the ‘research and analysis‟ to strengthen the context knowledge base in which the programmes and components are working in Nepal.