Organisational Systems

M&E Stocktake and Preparation of Action Plan






2019 - 2020

BRAC contracted IOD PARC to undertake a stocktake and diagnostic review of existing MEL system to develop a high-level action plan and recommendations for the design and implementation of an organisation wide MEL system. The stocktake was done as a prerequisite for the development of an organization-wide MEL framework and performance management system, incorporating programme level MEL. The aim was to help BRAC move towards a holistic and integrated approach to MEL, improving the organisation’s capacity to collect, analyse and use performance information to enhance decision-making, and to create evidence for wider learning and greater impact.

IOD PARC developed and used an inquiry framework that covered the key generic dimensions of how a robust MEL system aligned with international standards might look. The stocktake was carried out at the programme level (covering 16 programmes) and at the corporate level. The analysis focused on common practices, patterns of strengths and weaknesses, common challenges and opportunities amongst all 16 programmes.

The stocktake developed key messages that reflected the key characteristics of the BRAC MEL systems. From there, IOD PARC developed an action plan outlining a set of immediate, short and medium term steps to support BRAC to move towards a holistic, integrated MEL system.