Evidence and Learning

Humanitarian-Conflict-Development Nexus Review


Danish Red Cross




2019 - 2019

The first phase of the review supported the Danish Red Cross (DRC) to establish and articulate a common internal understanding and definition of the triple nexus. This included defining what DRC’s work across the nexus should achieve and suggesting parameters for when work across the nexus is appropriate, given the Red Cross Red Cresent (RCRC) principles and the mandate of RCRC National Societies.

Based on the outcomes of the first phase, the second phase reviewed document examples of how DRC was working across the nexus to support learning, improved understanding, and communication.

The project consisted of a systematic literature review relating to the triple nexus and a snowballing approach to document a comprehensive snapshot of current thinking and practice.

The review documented DRC’s perspective on working across the triple nexus. This included what DRC aims to achieve, when it is appropriate to work across the different elements of the nexus, and what capacity and value-add it may have in working across the nexus. Case studies captured DRC’s approach(es), lessons and results from operations across the nexus. The review also highlighted best or promising practices and provided recommendations for how DRC can strengthen its position and approach to working across the nexus.