Assessment and Evaluation

Formative Evaluation of Irish Aid Programme Grant II (2017–2021) and Humanitarian Programme Plan (2019-2021)


Irish Aid


Vietnam Sierra Leone Tanzania Democratic Republic of the Congo


2020 - 2021

The Programme Grant II (PGII, 2017-2021) and Humanitarian Programme Plan (HPP, 2019-2021) are the Irish Aid’s multi-annual funding mechanisms for civil society organisations (CSOs) working in development and humanitarian contexts.

IOD PARC conducted an evaluation of the mechanisms, with a focus on five key evaluation questions:

  • How effective is the programme grant model as set out by PGII and HPP as a means of achieving DFA’s policy objectives in partnership with CSOs?
  • How efficient and effective are the Department’s processes for determining the eligibility of organisations up to and including approval of partners
  • To what extent are the Department’s consequential management arrangements (PGII and HPP) appropriate for the range of organisations supported?
  • Are the PGII and HPP Theories of Change relevant and coherent?
  • What if any changes are needed in future programme design?

The evaluation team adopted an iterative mixed methods approach, employing a range of qualitative and quantitative methods across a sample of nine countries to enable ongoing analysis, triangulation and validation of findings. Over and above a target sample of five CSOs, the evaluation engaged stakeholders from all CSOs in receipt of PGII and HPP funding, as well as three CSOs receiving funds from other DFA grant mechanisms.

The findings from the evaluation will feed into the design of a new funding round planned for 2023. The evaluation included an assessment of the challenges and opportunities for the possible integration of the PGII and HPP mechanisms.