Assessment and Evaluation

Evaluation of the Switzerland’s mine action strategy (2016 – 2022)


FDFA Swiss Ministry of Foregin Affairs




2021 - 2021

The Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, Switzerland, commissioned IOD PARC to conduct an independent, external evaluation of the Swiss Mine Action Strategy (2016-2022). The evaluation was both summative and formative. It simultaneously assessed the performance of the strategy whilst also developing recommendations for the new mine action strategic document. Both programmatic and normative outcomes were examined. The evaluation also looked at the links between the triple nexus and mine action, as well as how effectively gender was mainstreamed across the strategic areas.

The evaluation adopted a participatory and inclusive approach, working alongside the Division of Peace and Human Rights and the Coordination Committee on Mine Action throughout the evaluation process. Key deliverables included an inception report at the end of the inception phase, and the final report covering findings, conclusions, and recommendations. Recommendations were realistic, practical, and utilisation-focused and designed to support the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs and the Department of Defence and Sport to develop the next strategic mine action document.