Organisational Systems

European Bank of Reconstruction and Development’s Evaluation Ratings and Performance Indicators


European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)




2017 - 2018

IOD PARC provided technical expertise to supplement the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development’s (EBRD) analysis of its previous ratings results and data architecture. The EBRD is a multilateral developmental investment bank, that uses investment as a tool to build market economies.

The consultancy, carried out in 2017, aimed to prepare the Evaluation Department of the EBRD for ongoing and future assignments. IOD PARC reviewed a range of components including: evaluation ratings and performance metrics, evaluation methodology, questionnaires, statistics, analysing aggregate performance and database structures.

IOD PARC produced a range of deliverables including an analysis of the existing evaluation database, recommendations on use of rating scales, data fields and performance indicators as well as a database structure in Excel that joined previous and current data sets. Finally, the IOD PARC team produced a report documenting and describing the process and procedures that were done to perform the previous deliverables, the assumptions, methodologies and techniques employed and suggestions for future improvements.