Organisational Systems

Development of an Integrated Results Management Framework


Green Climate Fund




2019 - 2020

IOD PARC are supporting the strengthening and streamlining of the Green Climate Fund’s (GCF) global results architecture.

This work involves supporting the design of an integrated results management framework which illustrates how the GCF portfolio is contributing towards paradigm shift at national and global level. The proposed approach builds on existing systems and aims to align the various approaches and methodologies that are currently in use. It also involves developing a results handbook, including indicator guidance and data collection processes as well as advising on a process of organisational and institutional change to help embed the new framework within the GCF secretariat and with government partner and Accredited Entity (AE) systems.

Initial work involved a series of consultations with the GCF Secretariat and key external stakeholders as well as a review of internal and external literature.

A framework has been proposed which will be shared with the GCF Secretariat, Board, AE’s and other stakeholders to review the proposed changes. This will then be presented to the Board for approval and lead to the development of the handbook, guidelines and training and development materials and processes.