Assessment and Evaluation

Assessment of the “Strengthening Resilience in MENA” project


British Council


Tunisia Morocco Lebanon


2017 - 2018

The British Council commissioned IOD PARC to prepare a final report to be presented to the EU, assessing the “Strengthening Resilience in MENA” project.

The British Council’s project focused upon strengthening community resilience against extremist narratives and recruitment in Tunisia, Morocco and Lebanon. Our consultancy team had two main objectives, which included the development of a report synthesis reviewing programme activities across phase 1 of the ‘Increasing Resilience to Radicalisation and Recruitment in MENA Countries’ (SR1) and an assessment of the M&E function of the programme.

Our team, focusing on Lebanon, Tunisia and Senegal, provided an analysis of the M&E framework, data collection tools and data management of the programme as well as a synthesis report of the SR1 programme which detailed all activities and results against each of the specific indicators for the programme. IOD PARC also provided recommendations for the second phase of the programme on M&E activities, data collection, data management and management of the overall M&E system.