Assessment and Evaluation

Annual Assessment of Results for the New Zealand Aid Programme in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade


New Zealand - Foreign Affairs & Trade


New Zealand


2015 - 2019

IOD PARC has completed four Annual Assessment of Results for MFAT since 2015.

Our team assessed the robustness of internal Activity Monitoring Assessments (AMAs) and Activity Completion Assessments (ACAs) and to inform the Insights, Monitoring & Evaluation team’s efforts to strengthen the Aid Programme’s Performance System.

IOD PARC conducted a desk review of sampled AMAs and ACAs, as well as accompanying partner progress reports, completion reports and the reports of independent evaluations, to assess the robustness of effectiveness ratings and, in ACAs, the ratings for other DAC criteria. A final report detailing comparative findings across four AARs and recommendations for strengthening internal Activity monitoring and completion reports was produced.