What we do

Organisations strive to increase the impact they have and the results they achieve. IOD PARC has grown steadily by helping clients to assess what works and why, and by developing and facilitating processes that enhance their future performance.

Our consultancy work in the international development arena focuses on Organisation Development and Performance Assessment. We have a proven track record for helping organisations deliver real and lasting change. 

Understanding our clients and their issues

Our work ranges from global evaluations of international policies and institutions, through to one-to-one coaching and support.  Underpinning all of it though, is the need to fully understand our clients’ world, the different perspectives various actors and stakeholders bring, and the objectives they are trying to achieve.  To do this we need to first develop a strong, open and robust relationship that allows for support, guidance and constructive challenge. This is the foundation for fully understanding the challenges and issues faced and the provision of high quality, technically sound advice.

Best practice, on all fronts

We know organisations are complex, intricately layered and organic and our approach to improving performance is equally multi-faceted. We have the experience and expertise to understand and engage with the technical aspects of your operations. However, this practical acumen is always matched by our people-focused approach. Like in any healthy organisation, the two work hand in hand. 

Sustainable futures

Whilst every organisation needs expertise from external sources from time to time, the objective of our involvement is to promote self-sufficiency. It is our goal to develop and improve an organisation to the point at which it no longer needs our help. In short, we help organisations help themselves to become more effective, more efficient and have a more positive and lasting impact.

Our Values

Our Environmental Policy