Diksha Mahara


I joined IOD PARC Nepal in September 2018 as a Programme Officer (Economics). I support the team in economic analytics, development of value for money indicators and support for monitoring, evaluation and learning functions. In my position with IOD PARC, I have participated in the monitoring and evaluation of DFID’s Resilience Portfolio, the quantitative learning and evaluation of Commercial Pocket Approach in Nepal for KPMG/BRACED Nepal, the economic study of micro hydro schemes in Nepal for AEPC/DFID and the quantitative study of WASH-UNICEF in Nigeria.

My consultancy work involves periodic field work, quantitative analysis and report preparation. Before IOD PARC, I had several professional engagements with various governmental, non-governmental and corporate organisations. During my academic internship with both Poverty Alleviation Fund (PAF) and Adam Smith International, Nepal, I was responsible for logistics, internal data management and field research with preparation of reports. I briefly worked as a consultant researcher for Foundation for Development Management (FDM) where I was involved in conducting periodic assessment of economic resilience capacities amongst communities directly funded by these organisations. I am a certified researcher on the Reality Check Approach, a special socio-anthropological study methodology. Furthermore, I have a graduate degree in Economic Policy in Global Markets from Central European University and an undergraduate degree in Economics from Christ University.