Staff Profile

Nur Abdelkhaliq //
Senior Consultant

I am a migration and refugee policy expert with a combined research and consulting experience of nine years. I have a strong interest in the overlap between migration and policy areas such as development, labour, and protection; and in the policy and humanitarian assistance implications of conflict-related refugee displacements. My work has regional focus on the Middle East and North Africa and the European Union. Recent and current clients include IOM, UNRWA, Amnesty International, the European Commission and the British Council.

My consultancy work includes conducting and leading evaluations, the provision of technical expertise, and research. I place particular emphasis on incorporating contextual, socio-political and cross-sectoral considerations into all my lines of work. I also have a robust background in research methodologies and designs, interview methods and in-depth qualitative analyses.

Before joining IOD PARC, I worked in academia. I have a PhD in Politics and International Relations from the University of Edinburgh, where I also held research and teaching positions. I have also been involved in assessing academic research impact for the 2014 Research Excellence Framework submission.