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Assessment and Evalution

Understanding what works and why is fundamental to good policy and programme design, and effective implementation.

Organisational Systems

For any organisation, good systems and processes can support ways of working that maximise performance and help it stay on track towards its end goals.

Quality Assurance

Sometimes our clients ask us for direct support, bringing our external perspective, and our technical skills, to bear on quality assurance processes.

Supporting Change

Organisations need to adapt - to new learning, to arising challenges and to dynamic and complex contexts.

Strategy Development

Good strategies are based on robust evidence, good understanding of strengths and opportunities, and a clear vision of the changes that you want to see.

Evidence and Learning

Any organisation relies on its own expertise and knowledge to make a difference. But it thrives on learning - reflecting on what is going well, on failure, on changes in the context in which it is working - and using that understanding to adapt.