Project Profile

DFID Partnership Programme Arrangement (PPA) Reviews

Client // Various
Country // UK, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Zimbabwe, Germany
Date // 2010-2011

In 2010 and 2011 IOD PARC conducted evaluations of the following 6 organisations with DFID Partnership Programme Arrangements (PPAs):

As part of the PPA funding arrangements with DFID, it was agreed that all PPA holders would, in the last year of funding, arrange for an independent external evaluation of the PPA for the period 2008-11 using their most recent version of the PPA performance framework. The purpose of these evaluations was to re-confirm the common ethos and vision in recognised priority areas which exist between these organisations and DFID and which led to the formulation of their current PPAs.

The objective of the evaluations was to evaluate how far the organisations had gone towards achieving the mutually agreed outcomes as stated in their PPA performance frameworks.  The evaluations also derived lessons to inform the organisation’s future strategies, programmes, approaches and set-up.