Quality Assurance

Decentralized Evaluation Quality Support Advisory Service





2016 - 2020

From 2016, IOD PARC managed the World Food Programme (WFP) Office of Evaluation Quality Support Service for Decentralised Evaluations, which provides timely formative feedback on draft terms of reference, draft inception reports and draft evaluation reports in English, Spanish and French.

The system, designed and implemented by IOD PARC, supports the application of sound evaluation approaches and contributes to building evaluation capacity of Evaluation Managers within WFP. IOD PARC provide feedback to the unit commissioning the decentralised evaluation, to the relevant Regional Evaluation Officer and to the Office of Evaluation.

The reviews are based on international evaluation standards and on Decentralised Evaluation Quality Assurance System (DEQAS) guidance material to continuously improve the quality and credibility of evaluation reports within the organisation. In addition, each year our consultancy team prepares an Annual Report which include a summary of patterns that have emerged through the reviews in terms of good practice, challenges, strengths and weaknesses, and assesses progress over time.