Evidence and Learning

Humanitarian- Conflict -Development Nexus Review


Danish Red Cross





The Danish Red Cross (DRC) contracted IOD PARC to produce a review of the Humanitarian – Conflict – Development Nexus and recommendations for working across the nexus.

The review process was aimed at establishing a common understanding and definition of the triple nexus as it relates to DRC before documenting examples of how DRC is currently working across the nexus, to support learning and improved understanding and communication on this. The project consisted of a systematic literature review relating to the Triple Nexus, together with a snowballing approach to ensure a comprehensive snapshot of current thinking and practice on the subject.

IOD PARC documented what DRC’s work across the triple nexus aims to achieve, when it is appropriate to work across the different elements of the nexus and what capacity and value-add DRC may have in working across the nexus. This included case studies that captured the approaches, lessons and results achieved where DRC operations or engagement have worked across the nexus as well as best or promising practices for working across the humanitarian – development – conflict nexus. Finally, we recommended how DRC can strengthen its position and approach to working across the nexus.