Organisational Systems

Evaluation of South Africa’s National Evaluation System



South Africa



IOD PARC partnered with Genesis Analytics to undertake the Evaluation of South Africa’s National Evaluation System (DPME).

The DPME was established in January 2010 to support systematic evaluation and use for decision making. Given the time that the system had been in existence, it was important to understand how it works, the key strengths and weaknesses and the areas need to be revised and strengthened. Therefore, IOD PARC aimed to assess whether the system was having an impact on the government’s policies, projects and programmes.

IOD PARC facilitated the development of a theory of change with the Department of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation to better articulate how the system worked in practice and its routes to the intended outcomes and impacts. The evaluation team also determined how the system needed to be strengthened to maximise its impact and bring value for money across the South African government.