Strategy Development

Development of a UNHCR 5-year Operational Data Strategy and Costed Road-Map






The objective of this IOD PARC consultancy was to develop a 5-year Operational Data Strategy and Costed Road-Map for UNHCR.

This followed a successful centralised evaluation of UNHCR’s data use and information management approaches in 2018. The five-year Operational Data Strategy is aimed at ensuring UNHCR can establish and maintain a lead role in relation to data about refugees and other persons of concern within the current and evolving contexts. The strategy ensures that UNHCR’s internal information needs for decision making and resource allocation are met, as well as ensuring that UNHCR can more effectively use evidence as the agency that is the authority on refugee and forced displacement data as well as the stateless population on the global scene.

The IOD PARC team in partnership with IMC Worldwide worked closely with key UNHCR stakeholders, analysing the external environment before defining UNHCR’s comparative advantages and offering a set of strategic options that utilise core organisational capabilities. The team focused on the strategic value of UNHCR’s data, developing a strategy that would allow UNHCR staff at all levels in the organisation to create and/or access quality data regarding persons of concern and response activities.