Assessment and Evaluation

Assessment of the Donor Coordination in Bosnia and Herzegovina




Bosnia and Herzegovina



The Ministry of Finance and Treasury of Bosnia through UNDP commissioned IOD PARC to carry out an assessment of donor coordination in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The key objective of this assignment was to help the Bosnia and Herzegovina authorities, together with its partners in the UN system and bilateral donor community, develop the shape for a proportionate, sharply focused and practical approach to donor coordination that adds value to the development processes of Bosnia and Herzegovina, taking due account of the context of EU accession To achieve this, our team carried out a desk review of background materials and documents and a series of key informant interviews and small stakeholder consultations to provide strategic advice on partnership in development.

IOD PARC developed a review of existing cooperation mechanisms and identified and discussed broad options for improvement. We also undertook a detailed enquiry into the current practice of donor engagement / coordination and existing governmental structures/ resourcing involved in donor coordination. From the findings, our team established a theory of change on the added value of donor coordination in the current and future-facing landscape and used this to identify strengths, gaps and opportunities in the context.