Staff Profile

Rachel Wareham //
Principal Consultant

I have spent the majority of my life living in conflict and crisis areas providing gender-related technical assistance, management and mentoring to local CSOs and national governments. Hence, I bring knowledge of numerous cultures and issues to my work as part of IOD PARC, such as: S/GBV prevention, response and service provision; gender mainstreaming and gender-budgeting; governance reform; security sector/police reform; women, peace and security; psychosocial services; mining and extractives; women’s political participation and elections.

With a BA in Politics and East Asian Studies, an MA in Social Anthropology and 24 years of working internationally I am used to being part of multi-national, multi-cultural teams in pressured contexts, developing meaningful projects and processes to support national organizations and governments respond to opportunities and challenges presented by international support.

This has equipped me with strong practical understanding of the mechanics of supporting change in structures, policies, processes, and outlooks to strengthen diversity and gender equality – including through evidence based learning, and research and project design.

My approach is rooted in facilitating inclusion of diverse perspectives, and advocating for context-specific solutions which create space for disadvantaged non-elite groups to participate and be heard. I have strong global links with women’s rights and LBTI movements and civil society groups and have served on the Boards of various Women’s Rights Funds and Local Women’s NGOs providing educational, psychosocial, legal support and advocacy for women and girls. I have particular interests in global governance and neo-colonialism, in Islam, in masculinities and in extremism. My skills include networking, program and research design, management and evaluation.

As Gender and Social Inclusion Practice Lead, I have responsibility for establishing, developing and overseeing IOD PARC’s consultants to deliver high quality services that support positive change and ensure inclusion of women, minorities and marginalized groups.