Staff Profile

Erica Packington //
Principal Consultant

From a background in Marketing, PR, teaching and collaborative working, I’ve been working with teams, groups and communities throughout my career.

My experience ranges from working with communities and groups in large corporate organisations (like IBM, Whitbread and American Express), in mid-sized organisations (such as UK Government Departments, schools, local government, organisations and networks in the NHS) right down to tiny voluntary community groups and charities. This range of experience has helped me develop my perspective on how best to support teams, groups and communities to foster great connections. 

My approach is deeply rooted in the relational – I’m really interested in how to establish, strengthen and nurture quality connections between people using the best of face-to-face and virtual means. It is my strong belief that social technologies are transforming the way we are all able to connect to one another, and I’m excited about bringing the benefits of this new way of relating into organisations, especially when this enables previously unheard voices to contribute.

I’m a trained Action Learning facilitator and certified to administer the Myers Briggs Type Indicator personality instrument. My first intellectual love is Sociology, and I hold a BA (Hons) in Social and Political Studies from The University of Sheffield and an Ashridge Masters in Organisational Consulting.