Our Values

  • We will recognise and respect difference amongst colleagues and clients, and will ensure that all opinions are sought and taken into account.
  • We will be confident that our working practices and the assignments we undertake are as socially responsible and environmentally sound as possible.
  • We will genuinely look to improve organisations.  We want our clients to develop to the point where they no longer need our support – we aim to leave, rather than creating dependency. 
  • We will be profitable, but will not undertake work just for profit’s sake.  We will not undertake an assignment unless we are certain that the client genuinely needs support.
  • We will be pragmatic, flexible and responsive.  We will continuously review and learn from our performance, adapting our approach to each piece of work as appropriate. 
  • We will have the intellectual capacity to understand and engage with the technical aspects of our clients’ work, but this will always be matched by a people-focussed approach where we understand and engage with clients on a personal level.
  • We will use the most effective technical approach in any given situation by maintaining a complete understanding of the organisation development and M&E methodologies, tools and processes that are available and under development. 
  • We will openly and widely share our knowledge and experience of organisation development and M&E.
  • We will develop our own organisation and staff using the same methodologies, tools and processes that we apply when working with clients.  This demonstrates our confidence in the approaches we encourage, but also helps to build our own knowledge of how these approaches work in practice.

Our Environmental Policy