Environmental Policy

IOD PARC is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and mitigating unavoidable emissions.  
  • We have a permanent environmental task team of employees working to research environmental policy options to inform strategic decisions, influence thinking, drive change and communicate progress.
  • Our internal processes require each member of staff and associate to calculate the carbon emissions of their work-related travel to inform internal carbon emissions monitoring.
  • We annually invest in an internal fund used for further environmental improvements to our company and to subsidise consulting work in staff-nominated organisations working to reduce carbon emissions in developing countries.
  • We have installed the latest video conferencing technology in our offices to enable high-quality virtual meetings with clients, partners and colleagues, and to reduce travel.  
  • Our Sheffield office is powered by Good Energy, the only supplier of 100% guaranteed renewable electricity. 
  • We recycle office waste paper and have in place office environmental guidelines for staff.
  • We recognise that these environmental commitments can also help the company deliver quality results more cost effectively, set a positive example to others and encourage a healthier work-life balance for our staff.


Our Values